One Life AnimaL

Sleep and his Older Brother Death

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Why do we sleep? why do we die?

a concept album,
sleep and his older brother death,
tells the story of how Sleep and Death came to have dominion over humanity. This sprawling and ambitious epic tunnels into the deepest recesses of our collective history to explore why the seductive power of Sleep and the undeniable force of Death have absolute authority over us. 

"Proggy, grunge-coated metal" The Georgia Straight

"The sound here is proggy in the best of ways, giving you a good idea what Tool might have sounded like if it had come up in grunge-era Seattle with a singer who has just the right mix of technical skill and tuff-leather snarl... While the band obviously has plenty of technical ability, the songs come first here, whether the group is diving into the mosh pit for the neck-snapping 'Pandora' or unleashing its inner goth on 'Sweet Sting'." ~ Mike Usinger, Music Editor, The Georgia Straight

"Multiple listens of this album will reveal all manner of musical reminders coming together as an original yet familiar sounding whole... you don’t have an excuse not to check this album out." ~ Indie Authority

"One Life Animal’s debut album, Sleep and His Older Brother, Death, lets out a ferocious roar that is sure to wake you from your slumber… While difficult to describe because of the array of multiple genres, influences and styles, One Life Animal pull off a prog-pop rock and metal hybrid of songs that resonate in a completely new tone." ~ Latif BainsBeatroute BC

"Concept albums are nothing new, but OLA takes it a step further by intertwining the parallels of Death and Sleep. Is Death like Sleep or is Sleep like Death? No way to escape either. In this realm, they are brothers plotting to trap humankind. With frenetic guitars and booming drums, leader singer Tocha's clean, beautiful vocals anoint their sound with more depth than your average metal grinding band." ~ Nomadic Chick, Blogger

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